2010 HUFF 50k Race Report

What do all these things have in common: shotgun blasts, men, woman and children with shotguns and a dead deer carcass well all were see or heard by me during the HUFF 50k. This race course is three loop of ~10.8 miles. Here is my lap to lap account:

Lap 1 “Discovery Lap”
This lap I “discover” the course conditions, how my body is feeling and do have enough or too much clothing on. Now at the start of the race the temperature was 10 degree according to my car gauge. That means bundle up and the trail was cover in about 2 inches of snow. So I wore my IceSpikes on my shoes and boy did that make a difference in traction. Since we pass our cars each lap I can adjust clothing plus get food and drink I need. I ran this lap in ~1:26n

Lap 2 “Into a Groove”
This lap I find a happy place where I can maintain a steady pace. My food of choice for this race was Fig Newtons it has a strong following in the ultra community. I ate about 5-6 newtons each lap and also carried a hand held bottle with Gatorade. During my first lap the Gatorade froze inside opening so I just unscrewed the top and drank it that way. But I think I got a little on my beard. I was able maintain pace pretty well and finish the lap in ~1:27

Lap 3 “Catch and Pass”
Finally lap and some of the runners are getting tired myself included. So I try to catch and pass them. It gives me a little mental boost this works great if you running well but I was on my way down. I passed a few people which helped. I finished this lap in ~1:32 for overall time of 4 hours 26 minutes 20 seconds

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