2010 Lessons, According to Caratunk Girl

We just loved a recent post from Caratunk Girl, reviewing her “2010 Lessons”, and thought it was an excellent post for this Valentine’s Day as well, so she has kindly agreed to cross post it here for IceSpike readers to enjoy! Of course, if you’d like to add YOUR 2010 lessons in the comments below, we’d absolutely love to see them!

Go where most don’t, you’ll be rewarded.

Grand Traverse of Baxter Park

When you run a certain race enough times, you look forward to the little things.

Moose at the Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic

Translation: “Hard Core” in Maineglish

Never miss an opportunity for a beauty break…

Daicey Pond, Baxter State Park

…or to skinny dip with friends in northern Maine in March.

Yeah, it was cold, but totally worth it.

Trust your crazy ideas, they just might take off (here’s to you Fatty, you sure know how to get us to do crazy stuff to fight cancer).

I rode 100 miles on my trainer. 5 days before a marathon. Yup, I am a nimrod, and I am doing it again!

Caratunk has superwomen.

Beth and I, Sugarloaf Marathon, my favorite marathon.

Nothing is better than getting greeted by a friend after a cold 16 mile run.

Bailey greeting me after one of my colder training runs.

When you get the opportunity to do the right thing, even if it seems small, do it.

Hummingbird rescue

If you can’t get into an ice bath, take a stream bath. The effects are similar, except your mind recovers more than your legs.

My private pool

Riding with friends is awesome.

Scouting Timberman bike course

Being at an Ironman start is hands down one of the most exciting things I have experienced. Ever.

Ironman Lake Placid swim start

I am glad I took the left.

Crossroads – left means Ironman, right means…something else.

206 159 days until Ironman Lake Placid!!!

It was worth standing in line, right Jon?

Meat beaters after an 80 mile ride are a sign of love and support.

My 87 year old grandmother, still there cheering me on!

Patience is a virtue.

I have a hard time waiting to recover after a race, Bailey is all about waiting.

We are pretty small in the scheme of things.

Hamlin ridge, Baxter State Park

Getting up at 3am and climbing a mountain in the dark in order to summit before everyone else – totally worth it.

Katahdin, looking toward Pamola Peak, Baxter Park Maine

Sometimes you have to get really close to something to feel its power.

John and I, Grand Falls, Dead River
Hold on tightly to the ones you love.
Me and Pop
If you give something a try and think positively – good things happen.
I am on Team Trakkers!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!

Be thankful for all of your gifts…

Nana under ware and all

Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year Valentine’s Day!!!

About Mandy Farrar

Mandy is a marathon runner, a triathlete, and white water raft guide. She works as a forester and spends 99% of her time outside doing something. Bailey the dog is her trusty side kick on all adventures that include the couch or the truck. Caratunk, the small town in northwestern Maine where Mandy lives, boasts a population of 60 in the Winter & 120 in the Summer.

Read Mandy's full bio here, and read more about her adventures on her blog "Caratunk Girl"

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