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Trail Running & Ultra Running

Trail Shoes are heavy to start with. After a few miles into your run, those heavy lugs and grooves get CAKED with Debris and Mud and can weigh 3 times as much as when you started! not really helpfull on Slippery Terrain!
Trail Shoes Are MUD COLLECTOR!!!
Your favorite lightweight running shoes installed with ICESPIKE™ Gets the Job Done.TrailRunner Magazine Says:  “Icespike Turns Any Running Shoe into Trail Running Beasts!!!”

Great Runners that Use Icespike Year Round sound offMichele Yates:  :  Graduated with a Bachelors in Kinesiological Sciences- UNLV, 4x National Champion (50m,50k record holder),2x Olympic Trials Participant,9x Marathon Champ, 2011,2013 World Champ Participant, Ultra Runner of the Year 2013, coach and owner of Rugged Running, apparel, Accessories and training.
“Never settle in a race…Never settle in life” ICESPIKE are useful and performance friendly.  They are a MUST for me in the winter months but are also beneficial on the dry or wet trails! I love the feeling of no Attachments. 
“Lightweight Traction That I Can Wear On any Surface and Any Conditions.”

Nancy Hobbs: Executive Director and Founder ATRA. Organized the first U.S. women’s mountain running team in 1995; podium at World Masters Mountain Running Championships in 2013 (bronze medal); Colorado Running Hall of Fame class of 2013; Co-author (with Adam W. Chase) The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running (2001; second edition 2010; translated to Japanese 2013). ICESPIKES gives me the confidence to run over every bit of snow, mud and even some icy patches. Plus, the traction on the Trails is 

unsurpassed. Thumbs up on my run this morning thanks to my friends at ICESPIKE!  

Buy one for yourself and gift one to a friend.

Icespike turns any shoe into TRAIL RUNNING BEASTS!!!

No Straps, Chains or Coils…..You Won’t Even Know You Are Wearing Them!

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