Running USA reviews Icespikes

This great review of Icespike appeared in Running USA Industry E-News. Running USA is a website and group that aims to advances the growth and success of the running industry. The review stated: ICESPIKE was recently reviewed by top athletes. A report from Lauri Van Houten of the International Skyrunning Federation attests that runners Marino Giacometti, ISF […]

Icespikes review: Mountain runner Michele Suszek Yates

Michele Suszek Yates is member of the 2011 US Mountain Running Team and 2012 US NACAC Mountain Running Team. She is one of our bloggers, too, and we have recently heard from Michele in a blog. Here’s what she has to say about her Icespikes: The thing I like most about Icespike is the natural […]

Sweetheart deal just got better

The response to our Valentine’s 20% off deal has been so high that we have decided to extend the special discount until midnight of February 24, 2013. So there’s now even more time to take advantage of our  our Happy Valentine’s Day deal. Whether you’re treating yourself to a set of highly effective, high-traction Icespikes or you’re […]

Be our Fan of the Month – and win an Icespike prize

We love to hear about people using our Icespikes. Perhaps you use our footwear traction products on your daily dog walk, or during a weekend hike, or for a run on local trails. Have you used your Icepsikes in a fabulous location or do you simply use them every day to walk round the local […]

Fixing Your Feet rates IceSpike

Runner and hiker John Vonhof writes a well-followed website and blog Fixing Your Feet  He has extensive experience in foot care health and offers tips and techniques to runners, adventure racers, hikers. He recently came across Icespike. This is what he has written: I spotted a small ad in one of my magazines that looked interesting. […]

Why are we talking about the ‘purity’ of ultrarunning?

Dane Rauschenberg turns his thought to ultrarunning, “purity” and the Olympics. He writes: There is no purity in running. But why am I writing about running and purity? Last July, I asked whether an ultra running event could ever be part of the Olympics. What I heard back from most people was that ultras, as a […]