Crazy Legs 5K Trail Run (Sept 25, 2011)

About the CLRS: The purpose Crazy Legs Race Series (CLRS) is to promote non-pavement races in the Northwest Indiana region through the development and management of new and existing races. At all of our events you will experience fun and challenging course design in a low-key atmosphere. Races will be held in parks or areas […]

More “Ask Crazy Legs”: Aging & Running, Running on Hills, and Getting Off Track

My recent “Ask Crazy Legs” post brought in some great new questions that I’m excited to answer for you, including dealing with aging as a runner, training for hills, and what to do when your training is thrown off track.

A Special Q&A With Paul “Crazy Legs” Stofko

I am Paul “Crazy Legs” Stofko running coach, race director, ultrarunner and member of the Saucony’s team Hurricane. My friends at Ice Spike ask me to put this post together to answer your running and fitness questions.

2010 HUFF 50k Race Report

What do all these things have in common: shotgun blasts, men, woman and children with shotguns and a dead deer carcass well all were see or heard by me during the HUFF 50k. This race course is three loop of ~10.8 miles. Here is my lap to lap account…

Strength Training for Ultrarunners

The value of strength training on a person’s performance in ultramarathons is significant. Incorporating the ideas presented this article will increase performance and decrease injuries associated with ultra running.

11 Ways to Maintain Good Nutrition During the Holidays

What can be a bigger threat to the waistline than 12 days of Christmas or month of seasonal parties? Americans typically gain 3-5 pounds or more during the holiday season. Here are 11 ways to help make sure you’re not one of the statistics.