When Muscles Attack…

  Monday February, 12 2018 When Muscles Attack… HERE’S HOW TO AVOID MUSCLE CRAMPS WHEN WORKING OUT Congratulations on your resolution to push yourself physically this coming year.  But if you’re one of the many who suffer from severe, temporarily debilitating “charley horse” muscle cramps during or after a hard swim, run, cycling challenge, or […]

Sore legs: What does it mean?

Dear Dr. Ron, I’ve used my ice spikes here in Denver quite a few times this season, and they’ve really helped me keep my marathon training on track through the winter months. I’m curious about how running on snow and slick surfaces affects soreness. It has been my experience that after several days of doing […]

Ask Dr. Ron: What age is safe for kids to start running?

Dear Dr. Ron, How young is too young to begin running training regularly? Are there recommended intervals in which to follow in order to avoid burnout/injury? I don’t want to discourage exercise but 10 year old runs daily up to 8-9 miles a week. Thanks, Meghan Dear Meghan, Thank you for an excellent question! This […]

Can changing my running style help me be injury free?

Dr. Ron, Do you have any thoughts on the different styles of running being taught, or are there specific things everyone should do to run injury free? Thanks, Chad M. Gullett First, let me say that there is probably no perfect “one size fits all” absolute correct running style for everyone. Secondly, I would like […]

Thoughts on winter running

Last chance to get your questions about running to Dr. Ron for this month’s newsletter and a chance to win a free set of Icespike. Email him: dr.ron@icespike.com After our brief preview of winter in October, we were granted a temporary reprieve (enough to get out on the road bike a few more times!). However, […]

Dr. Ron: Ready for winter running

An early winter run kick-started the thought process regarding advice for winter running safety as I encountered many of the common hazards. I will plan to share these thoughts with you next month in the next installment of this series. In the interim, please send your questions. After next month, I will select one question each month to answer regarding running, fitness, sports injuries or whatever is your mind. The sender of the selected question each month will be sent a complimentary set of Icespikes.