Sore legs: What does it mean?

Dear Dr. Ron, I’ve used my ice spikes here in Denver quite a few times this season, and they’ve really helped me keep my marathon training on track through the winter months. I’m curious about how running on snow and slick surfaces affects soreness. It has been my experience that after several days of doing […]

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Believe it or not, we are still without snow here in Wisconsin, mid December. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I trail run once in a while for training, but prefer to snowshoe or mountain bike. That wasn’t happening today, so I thought I’d trail run with a few Icespikes installed to see how they […]

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Yeah, it’s winter … yeah, it’s cold … yeah, it’s windy and icy and snowy and just terrible outside … yeah, I’m going for a run. Growing up and learning to train through Wisconsin winters was just what myself and my teammates did. I’ve been known to step on a treadmill but only if it’s […]

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Check out this video about TransRockies training

TransRockies Run Training Day 121 Learn about Ice Spikes! It was a snowy day and mine just arrived, so we had fun installing them and my run was AWESOME.

Ask Dr. Ron: What age is safe for kids to start running?

Dear Dr. Ron, How young is too young to begin running training regularly? Are there recommended intervals in which to follow in order to avoid burnout/injury? I don’t want to discourage exercise but 10 year old runs daily up to 8-9 miles a week. Thanks, Meghan Dear Meghan, Thank you for an excellent question! This […]