I spent yesterday at the Lafayette Family Cancer Center with my grandfather. Soon after entering the building, we were directed to the front desk to check my grandfather in. After filling out piles of paperwork, the receptionist handed him this 1/2 inch thick plastic black half-circle shaped tag to clip to his shirt. It wasn’t […]

Slushy Repeats

Why do I do this? That is what I was thinking today, as I willed myself outside while slivers of ice fell from the sky and splatted the ground at my feet. I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to be inside my warm dry house. I wanted to be anywhere but shivering alone […]

Hey, I’m Running Here!

Unless someone is bleeding, don’t stop me to talk when I am running. I am not sure how I draw people to me when I am bundled up like the kid in Christmas Story waddling out a 6 mile run, but it happens. Here is the latest example…

2010 Lessons, According to Caratunk Girl

We just loved a recent post from Caratunk Girl, reviewing her “2010 Lessons”, and thought it was an excellent post for this Valentine’s Day as well, so she has kindly agreed to cross post it here for IceSpike readers to enjoy! Of course, if you’d like to add YOUR 2010 lessons in the comments below, […]

Smashing The Excuse Demon

Every now and then when I am training, this small imaginary guy pops up on my shoulder and whispers, “You don’t have time for that…” or “Oh man, you have tons of time before your next race, take a day off..” Today he was whispering, “It is way to freaking cold to go for a run.”

Run for Her

When I was a kid, I loved to run. It was one of my favorite things, moving fast, giving it my all without thinking about anything but getting…there.