Running USA reviews Icespikes

This great review of Icespike appeared in Running USA Industry E-News. Running USA is a website and group that aims to advances the growth and success of the running industry. The review stated: ICESPIKE was recently reviewed by top athletes. A report from Lauri Van Houten of the International Skyrunning Federation attests that runners Marino Giacometti, ISF […]

Icespikes review: Mountain runner Michele Suszek Yates

Michele Suszek Yates is member of the 2011 US Mountain Running Team and 2012 US NACAC Mountain Running Team. She is one of our bloggers, too, and we have recently heard from Michele in a blog. Here’s what she has to say about her Icespikes: The thing I like most about Icespike is the natural […]

Colorado snow and my Icespikes

Snow arrived with Nancy Hobbs this week in her hometown of Colorado Springs, giving her the perfect opportunity to pull on her winter running gear. She writes: With temps in the 20s and fresh snow – some two inches or so – I pulled out my Saucony runners with their set of Icespikes already inserted. I […]

Runner’s World review of Icespikes

Here’s a recent review of Icepsikes in the Trail running blog of leading magazine Runner’s World. On test were the deluxe IceSpikes package of 32 spikes and tool for $24.99. This is what the review of Icepspikes said: Gaining Traction Whether they slip over your regular shoes, screw into the sole of your shoe, or come […]

Review from

Believe it or not, we are still without snow here in Wisconsin, mid December. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I trail run once in a while for training, but prefer to snowshoe or mountain bike. That wasn’t happening today, so I thought I’d trail run with a few Icespikes installed to see how they […]

Review from

Yeah, it’s winter … yeah, it’s cold … yeah, it’s windy and icy and snowy and just terrible outside … yeah, I’m going for a run. Growing up and learning to train through Wisconsin winters was just what myself and my teammates did. I’ve been known to step on a treadmill but only if it’s […]