Dr. Ron: Ready for winter running

An early winter run kick-started the thought process regarding advice for winter running safety as I encountered many of the common hazards. I will plan to share these thoughts with you next month in the next installment of this series. In the interim, please send your questions. After next month, I will select one question each month to answer regarding running, fitness, sports injuries or whatever is your mind. The sender of the selected question each month will be sent a complimentary set of Icespikes.

Easy Fitness Tips to Keep You Moving

FITNESS ON THE GO It’s easy to find out where you can work out on a business trip, if you know where to look online. Before you leave, go to a travel or city guide Web site for your destination and research the parks, community centers, tracks and fitness centers where you can get a […]

INERTIA: Staying Motivated During the Coldest, Darkest Time of the Year

As the seasons turn towards the darkest and coldest of them all, and the one we associate with “slowing down,” my inner-coach is revealing some vulnerability: “Will I slow down, too?”

How To Keep Running When the Temperatures Drop

Runners need to know what to do when the snowpocalypse of the century is threatening and the motivation gets low to run. Here are few tips to get through the months with the emphasis on the BRRRR at the end.

More “Ask Crazy Legs”: Aging & Running, Running on Hills, and Getting Off Track

My recent “Ask Crazy Legs” post brought in some great new questions that I’m excited to answer for you, including dealing with aging as a runner, training for hills, and what to do when your training is thrown off track.

Strength Training for Ultrarunners

The value of strength training on a person’s performance in ultramarathons is significant. Incorporating the ideas presented this article will increase performance and decrease injuries associated with ultra running.