11 Ways to Maintain Good Nutrition During the Holidays

What can be a bigger threat to the waistline than 12 days of Christmas or month of seasonal parties? Americans typically gain 3-5 pounds or more during the holiday season. Here are 11 ways to help make sure you’re not one of the statistics.

Marathon Nutrition: Before, During, After

The marathon is a very taxing event on your body. Nutrition is a very vital part of your training. It can make or break you in a marathon. Here are some tips for before, during, and after the marathon.

How To Layer For Cold Weather Training

Cold weather training requires a little extra planning and protection before you head out the door. The right layers will protect you from the elements without weighing you down.

Strength Training: Why Is It Important?

Remember the last time you carried groceries in from the car or stood up from a low chair? How easy were these activities? Were you sore after moving furniture or lifting bags of fertilizer around the yard? All of these activities require strength and endurance. Without adequate strength, even daily chores that we take for […]

The Importance of Flexibility & Core Strength

Flexibility of the body’s muscles and joints is an important component of many daily activities. Maintaining a strong and stable core gives you improved stability/efficiency, better balance, and reduced risk of injury.