When Muscles Attack…

  Monday February, 12 2018 When Muscles Attack… HERE’S HOW TO AVOID MUSCLE CRAMPS WHEN WORKING OUT Congratulations on your resolution to push yourself physically this coming year.  But if you’re one of the many who suffer from severe, temporarily debilitating “charley horse” muscle cramps during or after a hard swim, run, cycling challenge, or […]


“TIP OF THE MONTH” with MICHELE YATES of RUGGED RUNNING~ There is no doubt that a women’s body changes during pregnancy.  Her center of gravity shifts, her legs become more unstable, and her overall balance is decreased.   So how is she supposed to continue to enjoy her normal activities like hiking, running, and walking,  ESPECIALLY when the weather […]


ICESPIKE’S September Tip of the Month By Noel Paine: Writer, Runner and Dreamer “Out on the roads there is fitness and self discovery and the persons we were destined to be.” – George Sheehan Noel Paine – writer, runner and middle-aged dreamer “I am a runner and writer from Ottawa/Hull Canada with a passion for […]

Icespike keeps Tom and his parents safe outside

Our driveway is about 600 feet long and quite steep. In the winter whenit is snow covered, I use Icespikes on my sneakers to gain traction while I clear the drivway w/ our track-model snowblower. Before Icespikes I and the snowblower would often be in a sometimes controlled/uncontrolled slide as I headed down the hill. […]

Great Icespike tips from Pam

I mainly use my Icespikes for my daily runs on the roads in my hilly NH neighborhood. I have two pairs of running shoes with spikes mounted and 2 pairs without so I am always ready to go no matter what the road conditions. I am training for the Boston Marathon and like to do […]

A Special Q&A With Paul “Crazy Legs” Stofko

I am Paul “Crazy Legs” Stofko running coach, race director, ultrarunner and member of the Saucony’s team Hurricane. My friends at Ice Spike ask me to put this post together to answer your running and fitness questions.