Quebec Ice is No Match For

Hi, I have been using Icespikes for a while. It is a reorder. Running in the Quebec area, Canada. I mostly run right on ice. See the picture. Have a good one! and Great Product Claude

Install and Install Confidence!!!!

Watch Carey Install Icespike and Run inconditions that are tough to deal with.  Icespike is the difference maker!  Go To for more information.

Happy Customer From Latvia!!

Hi! I found Icespike`s via Google, I was searching ways to improve winter running. We have quite long “bad weather” season, and usually it`s not just snow, it`s more like wet, slippery-icy stuff. Lets say, I was impressed by what I found in Your web page, It was exactly what I was looking for. So […]

IceBoaters Love Icespike and the Service that Icespike Provides

Keith, Ordered on Friday recieved on Monday, great service!  Installed today, super easy.  Cant wait for ice to sail on, maybe soon!  Will send an action shot then. Thanks.  Already shared on our local iceboat site.

Frank From Alaska is a True Believer in

Keith, Jeri I have many pairs of boots with spikes living in Alaska (way too many pairs of winter boots, hiking boots/ wading boots/ hunting boots/etc.).  The last 4-5 years has been very strange in Anchorage with all the rain and ice during the winter.  This year, the rain/ice is extreme (1/3” of rain 2 […]

Dr. GT from Calgary sent us some great pix of in action!

Hey Keith and Icespike, was up on moose mountain this wkend before they closed the winter gate…here are some pictures of the spikes in action… Thanks for a Great Product, GT