Running Camps…Are they really beneficial?

active at altitude

Running Camps…Are the really beneficial? Icespike set out to find the real answer and tips from a range of athletes. Here is what they had to say: “Consider spending a few days with experts who can help you perfect your running form, assist you with goal setting, provide you with tools to become more confident […]

Melissa’s Road Race


Melissa’s Road Race 10k & 21k

Great Running Camps in the Colorado Mountains!


Looking to challenge your body and inspire your soul? Icespike found Active at Altitude Running camps do just that! Each camp includes a well rounded approach to entertain all running desires.   Check out these great features: Active at Altitude is delighted to announce the 6th year of our series of running and conditioning camps […]

Ron loves his Icespike-equipped shoes


Ron shared with us on Facebook: More ice than snow this season. My IceSpikes and GoLite Footwear Taralites make for a solid combo. Thanks!

Peanut Butter Chip Chase pics


Jan. 1, 2012 Peanut Butter Chip Chase was held on a dry and bright New Year’s Day. Sponsored by Icespike. Temple, NH. See results:

ICESPIKE takes on the Overland track


I’ve just arrived home from Tasmania. I used the Icespikes while hiking the world famous Overland track. This hike takes between 5-8 days depending on how many side trips you decide to take. The Icespikes where absolutely wonderful. The conditions of the track can be quite challenging. Snow, ice, lots of mud, rocky shale, slippery […]