Dr. Graham From Calagry Love Our Product Icespike.


Thanks for the email.  I have a little stash of Icespikes in my gear box but thought I’d better be sure I’m equipped for the winter so got some more!

Here are a few pictures of where I run with my Icespikes (in my Altra LonePeak Neoshells) . They are fantastic for trips in the Canadian Rockies just outside Calgary.  This particular trip is going up onto Powderface Ridge.  At this time of year in particular, there are huge temperature swings causing freeze/thaw cycles that make the trails treacherous without good traction.  A fresh snowfall

on top of ice is a recipe for disaster without good grip.  Icespikes are great for climbing, but even more essential for crazy descents on the trail.

Clinical Research, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Alberta Children’s Hospital/University of Calgary

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