Easy Fitness Tips to Keep You Moving


It’s easy to find out where you can work out on a business trip, if you know where to look online. Before you leave, go to a travel or city guide Web site for your destination and research the parks, community centers, tracks and fitness centers where you can get a little exercise. Nothing boosts your energy, creativity and effectiveness on the road like a workout.


One essential step in your work out that helps you avoid light-headedness and muscle spasms is a cool-down. After vigorous activity, a cool-down gives your heart rate a chance to normalize, and protects you from negative effects. A cool-down should be performed for five to ten minutes after your activity.


Feeling rundown? We bet an old gym-class standby can make you feel like a kid again. Skipping rope as part of your exercise routine burns a surprising number of calories and provides a great workout for your shoulders, arms and calves. It’s fast-paced, varied and, best of all, you can do it anywhere!

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Paul "Crazy Legs" Stofko is a Fitness Specialist, RRCA Certified Running Coach, and Ultra Marathoner. Read Paul's full bio here and learn more from him on his website.

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