Frank From Alaska is a True Believer in

Keith, Jeri

I have many pairs of boots with spikes living in Alaska (way too many pairs of winter boots, hiking boots/ wading boots/ hunting boots/etc.).  The last 4-5 years has been very strange in Anchorage with all the rain and ice during the winter.  This year, the rain/ice is extreme (1/3” of rain 2 days ago that just turned to pure ice).  I have many brands of removable cleats (won’t mentioned brands, you know the manufacturer’s) I have to say, yours are the best.  I did put 16 spikes in each boot and they are working great.  I am actually pretty impressed by the way they walk and feel and my wife wants a few pairs for boots/shoes I do a lot of walking with my dog each day and the winters are long in Alaska and like I mentioned, the ice the last 4-5 years is extreme lasting from late October until late April. So far, they are the cat’s meow!



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