Great Icespike tips from Pam

I mainly use my Icespikes for my daily runs on the roads in my hilly NH neighborhood. I have two pairs of running shoes with spikes mounted and 2 pairs without so I am always ready to go no matter what the road conditions. I am training for the Boston Marathon and like to do all of my running outdoors because in the past when I moved my winter training indoors I have had hamstring problems. I also think that treadmill workouts will never equal the quality or enjoyment that I get on the roads. I have been using icespikes since last winter and love the fact that i can confidently run on snowy and icy roads with my usual stride and pace. I always feel sure footed and have no fears of falling or slipping and pulling a muscle while trying to stay upright.

I also use icespikes when shoveling snow on my icy driveway.

Last winter I recommended ice spikes to many runner friends and also to an elderly neighbor (78 years old) who walks in our neighborhood.

On several occasions I have spoken to other customers in our local running store (Runner’s Alley in Nashua, NH) about icepikes. I often hear people asking about “good shoes” for winter runs…..The usual advice is to try Yaktraks etc. I usually approach those customers and tell them about icespikes. I believe that icespikes are the only product that allows a natural stride and no risk of falling. Also icespikes don’t fall off while running!

I have one other relevant comment of interest is that I started running when I was a high school sophomore in 1976. I lived in Poughkeepsie, NY at the time and ran outside after schoolevery day all winter. One day one of the high school shop teachers commented that he had seen me slipping and sliding along as he drove by me while I ran through the snow the day before. He smiled and said that I should bring my shoes down to the shop and let him put screws in the soles of them. I laughed and commented that it was a good idea but I did not take him seriously. Here we are 36 years later and I am wearing Icespikes!

I would love to have an Icespikes Tshirt.

Thanks for a great product,

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