IceSpike Fan Of the Month: Cindy Weisert

We are excited to roll out a new way for us to show you, our faithful fans/IceSpike users how much we appreciate you: Our Fan Of The Month “Club”.

This new “club” will be our way of showcasing fans who embody the spirit of IceSpike: “Happy and Safe Running…Don’t Let The Weather Stop You!” Our inaugural fan of the month does that, and more.

CindyWeisert recently shared her photos with us on our Facebook wall, and we fell in love with her spirit. In addition to being a hearty “winter runner”, she shares her love of running by volunteering with her local Humane Society to take the dogs there out for much needed runs as well. We asked Cindy to send us her story, and are pleased to share it with you below.

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“I started running in December 2008. This became my new obsession! I had quit smoking in Aug 2008, and quickly put on weight. With my running came races and the training that goes with that. I did 5K’s, 10K’s, 15K’s, half-marathons, and finally, the full marathon in October 2010. I started running with my own dogs (two Boxers and a Shih-Tzu) and made the realization that dogs are meant to RUN!

My short walks with the dogs suddenly seemed very inadequate. I learned that the European standard for the Boxer dog is that the dog can run at least 20 kilometers (that is 12.4 miles!). I hadn’t done nearly enough exercising my dogs! I severely underestimated their abilities and what they were bred to do!

Bear, my Boxer, is 10 years old, and has a hard time walking very far these days. Running for him, is out of the question. Eddie, the Shih-Tzu, is good for 1-2 miles, but, then, he is done! (he can do a 9 min/mile, which I think is impressive considering how fast his little legs have to move! imagine his cadence!). Pearl, my young Boxer, is my only regular runner I have.

I got the idea last summer…why not share my love of running with other dogs as well? It all started on a whim. I went to the Otter Tail County Humane Society, where I often visited, and asked if I could take a dog for a run. This was in the late summer/early fall of 2010, that I became more serious about volunteering with them.

Running with the dogs offers a unique way to volunteer and the dogs seem to love it! I run with them at least once/week, depending on my work schedule. I usually run anywhere between 3 and 6 miles with them. The staff help me pick out a dog which would benefit from a little more vigorous exercise. Mostly, they are the larger working breed dogs. What an opportunity for a dog-lover! L

ike myself, dogs do better running in the colder weather. I quickly learned that winter running is great running, provided it isn’t too windy or several degrees below zero! (I have run in temps as cold as -17°F with my own dogs). Minnesota gives me plenty of good winter running, but with winter running, comes traction issues.

Running with dogs that are very strong, it is good to have some grip on the icy and snowy roads! Dogs move easily through snowy and icy conditions. Me, not so much! I’ve tried a variety of products to help with this, most recently, my new IceSpikes that I won. They work beautifully. They are not cumbersome…once they are on the shoes, you are good to go! no more messing with slipping traction devices over the shoes! slip them on and out the door you go! I also really like the fact that the IceSpikes have no negative effect on my running gait, as the other traction devices did.

Today, I enjoyed a 10K run with my new running friend, Loki. He is a big, strong German Shepherd boy who could have ran another 10K if I could have managed it! 🙂 I haven’t met a dog yet that couldn’t out run me!

For all the runners out there, I hope more will consider getting out there with their own dogs, or, consider volunteering with your local Humane Society/animal shelter…running dogs is a unique way of sharing your love of running with one who, I guarantee, will love running even more than you do! (Dogs!). My ability to run, although not overly-talented at it!, is a gift and one that I am so happy to be able to share with the most deserving dogs there are. It is a small way to give back. It is a wonderful blend of two of my very favorite things–running and dogs!”


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