Icespike keeps Tom and his parents safe outside

Our driveway is about 600 feet long and quite steep. In the winter whenit is snow covered, I use Icespikes on my sneakers to gain traction while I clear the drivway w/ our track-model snowblower.

Before Icespikes I and the snowblower would often be in a sometimes controlled/uncontrolled slide as I headed down the hill.

I first tried sheet-metal screws in my logging boots, but they were quickly wearing down and I’d still occasionally feel my heels slipping.

I found Icespikes while searching online, placed my order and am totally sold on them.

I have not slipped once, even when I’m holding back a 350lb blower which is trying to slide away from me.

The Icespikes allow me to maintain control of the blower, simplifying the task and keeping me safe from injury due to a fall.

I not had any of the Icespikes pull out of my sneakers, which was my fear.

I’d like to fix up a pairs of snowboots for my 83 year-old parents who insist on taking their dog out for it’s bathroom ‘ritual’ even when their driveway has icy patches.

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