Icespikes as “Transition” Wear

When I left for a weekend trail running camp April 22, I had four pairs of running shoes with me including my Saucony road shoes which have ICESPIKES permanently affixed — I find it easy to have one pair of my shoes 100% dedicated to ICESPIKES. It’s always a crap shoot with the weather this time of year in the Rockies. One day it can be 70 and sunny, the next a wintry mix of snow and ice with temps hovering just above freezing. The ICESPIKE system is great transition wear — ie: the spikes provide an equally nice grip on bare trail and also work fine on pavement making it a versatile item.

The first two runs and first hike of the weekend had me choosing my shoes sans ICESPIKES. We ran on fairly dry trails albeit a few small rivulets running between some rocks on the higher sections of the trails. However, after full-on snowfall which started Saturday afternoon and continued through the evening, the ICESPIKES were the preferred footwear on Sunday morning’s run. The hour and half run was almost entirely on snow — some was up to the knee. There were some sections of road which were dry, but the majority of the run on freshly fallen 3″ snow. Moist, but crusty in some spots.

Lesson learned: Never be without your ICESPIKES in the Rockies!

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Nancy Hobbs has been running trails and directing running events since the mid-80s and her articles and photographs have been published in magazines including Trail Runner, Ultrarunning, Running Times, and Runner's World. She is the founder and executive director of the American Trail Running Association, a council member of the World Mountain Running Association, manager of the U.S. Mountain Running Team, and chairperson of the USATF Mountain Ultra Trail Council. In April, 2009 Hobbs accepted the position of membership and marketing director for Running USA. She is the co author of The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running.

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