Icespikes review: Mountain runner Michele Suszek Yates

get-attachment-97Michele Suszek Yates is member of the 2011 US Mountain Running Team and 2012 US NACAC Mountain Running Team. She is one of our bloggers, too, and we have recently heard from Michele in a blog. Here’s what she has to say about her Icespikes:

The thing I like most about Icespike is the natural feel. There isn’t that sense of “attachment” or extra parts, chains, plastics hanging off your shoes as with other products I have used.  The natural feel provides so much more than just “naked” shoes!  Icespike provides the extra traction and stability I need to get up and down mountain trails in ANY condition more quickly and safely than ever before! They also allow a “no slip grip” for speedy workouts in the winter months while training on icy roads for the marathon.

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