Michele Yates gets set for USA 50-mile champs

Our new contributor Michele Yates is preparing for the USA 50-mile trail champs, which take place this weekend. She writes: Wow, the trail champs have come around really quickly. The Tejas Trails organization will be hosting this event once again, down in Texas at Camp Eagle. The course will be similar to Bandera and this race last year was my first ultra race ever, so I know what I am getting into 🙂

url-8My training has been strong and I am feeling confident and fit for this one. The few snow storms we got didn’t pose a problem because of my Icespikes!

The great thing about trail races (especially a Tejas Trails one) is that you know you will always have a good time no matter the race outcome. GU Energy just sent me an assortment of goodies to help fuel me during the trip and I am excited to be working with Ultimate Direction for my hydration needs.  Liquid Vitamins-Body Armor Super Drink has kept me healthy for this training period and The Simply Bar allowed me to get the nutrition I needed on a tight schedule.

Thanks to all of my sponsors, notably ICESPIKE for their financial support with the Indiana Trail 100, which is my next race after the National Champs!

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