Iceboat Racing With Icespike

Thanks Keith, I use Icespike for iceboating and racing them.  Short Iceboat Video Love your product. I found it through a pretty aggressive search on the net for something that would work well for running and in my workboots (the longer ones are perfect). I was using sheet metal screws and they work fine […]

The Winter Olympics and Icespike

You can keep your Training going through any type of weather.  Winter is the greatest time to get outside and enjoy the brisk and clean Air.  You can do this with Icespike on your shoes or boots.  There is a special promotion for the Olympics right now, 20% off of your entire order through Feb […]

Great Runners That Use Icespike Year Round Sound Off

  Great Runners That Use Icespike Year Round Sound Off   Michele Yates Graduated with a Bachelors in Kinesiological Sciences- UNLV, 4x National Champion (50m,50k record holder), 2x Olympic Trials Participant, 9x Marathon Champ, 2011,2013 World Champ Participant, Ultra Runner of the Year 2013, coach and owner of Rugged Running, apparel, Accessories and training. “Never settle […]

Ron loves his Icespike-equipped shoes

Ron shared with us on Facebook: More ice than snow this season. My IceSpikes and GoLite Footwear Taralites make for a solid combo. Thanks!

When Muscles Attack…

  Monday February, 12 2018 When Muscles Attack… HERE’S HOW TO AVOID MUSCLE CRAMPS WHEN WORKING OUT Congratulations on your resolution to push yourself physically this coming year.  But if you’re one of the many who suffer from severe, temporarily debilitating “charley horse” muscle cramps during or after a hard swim, run, cycling challenge, or […]


“TIP OF THE MONTH” with MICHELE YATES of RUGGED RUNNING~ There is no doubt that a women’s body changes during pregnancy.  Her center of gravity shifts, her legs become more unstable, and her overall balance is decreased.   So how is she supposed to continue to enjoy her normal activities like hiking, running, and walking,  ESPECIALLY when the weather […]