March Madness Free Spikes From Icespike!!!

Free Spikes…Free Spikes…Free Spikes… March Madness is Here: No Vat Tax, Customs Tax Or Import Tax  Trail Running & Ultra Running Trail Shoes are heavy to start with. After a few miles into your run, those heavy lugs and grooves get CAKED with Debris and Mud and can weigh 3 times as much as when […]

Icespikes work their magic on African mountains

   Adventurer and writer, Peter Carey, takes his new Icespikes to East Africa to climb two of the continent’s highest mountains. He writes: I was recently in East Africa, where I successfully climber Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Kilimanjaro gets all the attention and lots of climbers, but I found Mt. Kenya to be equally beautiful, […]


Staying on your feet and training Posted on December 6, 2017 by Noel Paine “Staying injury free can be as important and your training plan.” This is a short and simple product review for something I have used and loved for a number of years now and have become an ambassador for. When I was younger  – on icy […]

Noel Paine Running Dad Update.

Think I know where I am – direction Posted on February 3, 2018 “Life should have a road map but unfortunately it does not – so we all look for our own direction.” – Running dad. Holy smothered dairy cows, its another bleeding update from the skinny runningdad?! Yep – sharing whether you want it or not. Strap […]

Iceboat Racing With Icespike

Thanks Keith, I use Icespike for iceboating and racing them.  Short Iceboat Video Love your product. I found it through a pretty aggressive search on the net for something that would work well for running and in my workboots (the longer ones are perfect). I was using sheet metal screws and they work fine […]

The Winter Olympics and Icespike

You can keep your Training going through any type of weather.  Winter is the greatest time to get outside and enjoy the brisk and clean Air.  You can do this with Icespike on your shoes or boots.  There is a special promotion for the Olympics right now, 20% off of your entire order through Feb […]