Icespike User Sounds Off!

Hi Keith, To answer your question, I’m on your e-mail list, so I get the occasional e-mail that reminds me to stock up on more ice spikes, or to buy some for friends.  I think they’re great, and always spread the word to my Minnesota runner friends.  It gets so cold, snowy and icy here. […]

Icespike install in Snow Shoes Wins Outdoor Retailers Award!

Hey! All of you Fans: The New Eva Foam Snoeshoe from Crecent Moon Installed With Icespike Just Won the “Outdoor Retail Inovation Award!” How Cool is That!

Dirty Dual Michigan Trail Race.

Hi Keith,   Our Dirty Duel went great. It was quite treacherous and those with Icespike certainly outperformed the others. I sent them up and down some really steep hills that were not part of the trail system (as advertised). The fasted 5K for 500 runners was 23 minutes so that tells you how brutal […]

Another Long Time Icespike User Sounds Off!!!

Hello! I’ve actually been an happy Icespike customer for many years now…  I run year-round on the snowmobile trails by my house, and in the wintertime conditions can go from soft groomed trails to straight ice (gotta love New England winter weather!).  To keep traction and (hopefully!) my feet on the trail, I add Icespikes […]

Hockey Trainers NHL and Other Use and Love Icespike

Hi Kieth, I received my icespikes the other day just in time for our home opener. They were very easy to install and very comfortable to stand with on the bench. I also felt very safe walking with them out on the ice.   Thank you very much,  Zach.    

Winter Golfer in the UK Uses and Loves Icespike!!!!

ICEBRIPPER is a Distributor of Icespike in the UK. ICEGRIPPER Customer Story – Golf Wellies March 8, 2017 One of the most rewarding things we do at ICEGRIPPER is talk with our customers about why they need our products and how they use them.   These ‘Customer Stories’ are sometimes heart-warming, occasionally funny, but always […]