Running Camps…Are they really beneficial?

Running Camps…Are the really beneficial? Icespike set out to find the real answer and tips from a range of athletes. Here is what they had to say:

“Consider spending a few days with experts who can help you perfect your running form, assist you with goal setting, provide you with tools to become more confident in your abilities. These are just some of the opportunities available to individuals who attend a trail running camp. Whether you spend a week, or even a day at a trail running camp, you are sure to gain a new-found perspective on the sport. There are trail running camps across the country with various programs which may include stretching, yoga, core work, visualization, and more. Camps can be single gender, or mixed gender, and designed for adults, children, or a mixture of the aforementioned.” ~ NANCY HOBBS (Executive Director, American Trail Running Association)

“There is always something to learn from others. There is always something runners can improve and learn about themselves. Running camps provide a unique opportunity to talk with others and learn from coaches and experts. Like life, running is a continual learning process.” – Noel Paine

“You receive motivation, support, guidance and advice from a coach like the wonderful Terry Chiplin when participating in a running camp. Most importantly, you will have the camaraderie of others just like you!” ~ Paul “Crazy Legs” Stofko (Founder of Crazy Legs Race Series)
Dane  Rauschenberg (Extreme Athlete – Author – Speaker),  tells us it is an absolute learning experience. You can read a full recap on his running camp experience at
The master Running Camp director (Active at Altitude), Terry Chiplin explains how his running camps provide 3 unexpected benefits. 1. Running Faster, 2. New Friends, 3. A New You! You can get the full read on that and find out more information about his running camps at .
active at altitude

Ladies at “Active at Altitude” running camp- Estes Park.

To dig a little deeper, we sought out more research on the key components that most feel are beneficial when it comes to participating in a running camp.  Physical health benefits tops the charts.  What better way to get your butt moving then to commit to a fun week in the mountains running? Spiritual benefits.  One aspect many tend to forget about until they are out in the wilderness getting closer to nature and within themselves.  Team Spirit. Need to expand your social life?  Last but not least, THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE.   It’s no doubt that when you go to camp, you WILL learn something. Whether that be something about yourself personally, how to train, or even a new trail system.  So are Running Camps REALLY worth the time and money???  According to our sources, ABSOLUTELY! … So your tip of the month, check out some great running camps and get moving!

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