Running USA reviews Icespikes

imgres-58This great review of Icespike appeared in Running USA Industry E-News. Running USA is a website and group that aims to advances the growth and success of the running industry. The review stated:

ICESPIKE was recently reviewed by top athletes. A report from Lauri Van Houten of the International Skyrunning Federation attests that runners Marino Giacometti, ISF VP Nicolao Lanfranchi and the new record hold holder for the Vertical Kilometer above 3,000m, Marco DeGasperi, tested and used ICESPIKE for traction in two Mount Elbrus events in Russia.  Giacometti writes that ICESPIKE provided “good performance and traction in the first part of the Elbrus Vertical Kilometer” and that “the spikes on the steep trail…the results were very good, uphill and downhill.”


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