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I found your product was by doing research over the internet. I went to multiple running blogs and everyone there has nothing but great reviews and responses about your product, which makes me more excited to receive your product. I have purchased two sets of icespikes, one set for me and one set for my wife. We live in Michigan and its about that time for the snow to fly. My wife is pregnant with our first child and is expecting this spring. So anything that I can do make the winter for the both of them easier I'm willing to give it a try. As for me I'm in the Michigan Army National Guard. I will be leaving late January 2012 to go perform my military duties and these icespikes will allow to train throughout the snow and ice. Again I'm very excited to receive your product and I will be sure to let you know how great there.
Seth K., Michigan

I found out about your product by doing a google search for ice spikes for boots. I do a lot of wilderness hiking and have tried most of the slip on types of ice cleats and as you have correctly pointed out they can easily slip off. This has happened to me several times. When you are not on well travelled trails the terrain can be very rough and the underbrush usually hooks and pulls the slip ons off quite easily and you probably won't notice this has happened until some time later, and then finding it is near impossible. I hope your product will be the answer. Ice cleats are very important because slipping and breaking a limb or something worse when you are alone in the back country is not an option. Having to comfort of excellent traction is well worth the few dollars spent on a decent set of cleats.
Brian, Newfoundland

The day after Christmas last year I went out for a jog with my new Garmin. I hit a patch of ice and went down HARD. My phone was busted. My head and arm were bruised. I limped home with a crushed ego and some minor pains. I definitely see value in your product!
Alex, Utah

Just got back from being a spectator at an ice boating race and should have had Icespike! You could have sold 500 sets to the folks trying to deal with the ice and wind!
Mike, Colorado

Love your product...posted in North Dakota right now and these are amazing running in the snow and ice. Not to mention my times are faster...love em!! Need to order some more when these are worn out!

Thought I would give ICESPIKE a try since here in Wisconsin we just got 18 inches of snow and most of it turned to packed ice with now below zero temps. Wish me luck!
Jessica, Wisconson

I found y'all through runner's magazine. I live in Kodiak Alaska, and we have serious ICE!! I am very excited about your product. I wish someone made an icespike cover, almost like an ice skate blade cover, as I walk to work, and the minute I get to my hospital, I must deshoe/boot, and walk in my socks to the L&D floor... and luckily I don't need ice spike traction, to catch babies!!! I will be running, and walking in these, so I will try them on my beloved Asics, and my snow boots... Yak Trax, are going to get me killed on the ice we have here!!!
Bunny, Alaska

I am using ICESPIKE for traction on my snowboard boots. The lift lines get very icy in the spring here in the NW along with the parking lots. I bought boots with little traction this year, and was having difficulty in the lift lines. The ICESPIKES were the only solution as I couldn’t put yak trax over my boots and fit into the bindings. I only put them on the toes, so I can slide if I need to or get traction when I want it. They are great! Only problem is that I have gouged up the board a bit, but now I covered that part with foam stomp pads. The other thing we use them for is walking on frozen lakes for icefishing or other activities and they won’t fall off.

Found you guys while searching for running spikes and after looking at the reviews thought you seemed the way to go. I run outdoors no matter what the weather but that craziness had caused a repetitive stress injury on the front of my foot from striking off on slippery surfaces last year, causing me to miss a month of running. Since I got my order I've used my new spikes all this week after we had a major snow storm, and even though I'm adding distance to make my 2011 goal my feet feel fine. I'll be back and will recommend them to the runners and walkers brave enough to go all year in snowy southern Alberta.
Amy, Alberta

I heard about IceSpikes in an on-line runner's forum about running safely in the winter. Boy, am I glad I did! I own Stabilicers but they are just too heavy for running. These fit the bill perfectly and my husband is also a convert. Although he is more of a treadmill warrior, he joins me outside for my long runs (I run outside whenever humanly possible). Thank you for an excellent, versatile product that keeps my runs safe! This winter has been mild in Vermont, with little snow, but there has been a lot of ICE. Thank you, IceSpikes, for a great product.
Sherbrook Family, Vermont

One morning after slipping on the ice, my wife got on line to see if she could find something to put on her shoes to help keep her from falling. We saw the video and she said hey - let's give this a try. So we ordered our spikes and just love them. My husband was out running in the snow and a neighbor yelled out be careful you don't want to fall! My husband stopped and showed him his shoes and immediatley our neighbor asked - Where did you get those? He now has his spikes, my daughter has hers and we are all happy walking and running. We live in Central Oregon and the ice spikes are one of the best purchases we have made since moving here.
Segundo R., La Pine, Oregon

ot your product last month, right before an ice storm in MN. Although the temps went up and helped soften the ice the very next day, footing was still precarious and your ice spikes were great! I felt very secure during my run. Didn't slip once! Love them. I found out about them in Runners World Magazine - always on the lookout for winter gear and accessories. So glad I found you.
Sheila, Minneapolis

I live in snowy, cold Eastern Ontario and run about 25 to 30 miles a week. We recently had a flash freeze that was followed by snow. Lots of snow! Running conditions here are treacherous, but not if you're using ICESPIKES. I am so pleased with their performance and the confidence they have given me. Great product!
Leah MacArthur, Eastern Ontario

I've been able to get in a few runs since screwing Icespikes into the bottom of my shoes and they're amazing! The parking lot for the trails that I run have been a complete sheet of ice since December so I figured as a first experiment I would run across it like a lunatic. I guessed that one of two things would happen; I would either bash my head on the ice but at least be close to my car to drive to the hospital, or they would work and I'd have the first good run I've had since December 25. Since I'm able to type this you've probably guessed that the spikes worked amazingly well. Just this afternoon I ran into two runners that were sliding all over the trail and stopped them to tell them about your great product. After a depressing winter of too much snow and not enough running, I've been able to get out there and put in some miles again. Thanks for the great gear.

I was looking for better winter running traction, and found your site through a Google search. In winter I run in Asics Gel Arctics, which have built-in spikes, but a nasty face-plant taught me that I needed something more. I've run in my Ice Spike-equipped Arctics twice now, for a total of about 25 km. I'm very impressed. Great traction, and, just as important, they do not appear to affect my running gait. Other ice-traction products I've tried altered my gait and I ended up with shin splints or worse, so this was an important consideration for me. So far, so good!

Just wanted to report I just ran 7 miles on crusted snow and ice and never slipped once. You make a fantastic product that will keep me running all winter! Thanks!
Dave, Maryland

I live near North Conway NH and we have lots of snow and ice. I happened to be on the EMS website looking at hiking gear for winter and your product was shown--- looked interesting to me and I had remembered a guy telling about how he used to put screws in his hiking boots in winter. So-- I did some internet searching to see what people thought of the spikes and one report actually had some comparison data against just sheet metal screws. I decided I could use them in my work boots for yard work, shoveling, hiking. Looking forward to installing them. (and will tell others)
Larry, New Hampshire

I received my Icespikes last week and had them installed for a run around a reservoir last Thursday. There were patches of glare ice and just about every other slippery condition. They performed magnificently. I was impressed with the confidence they gave me.
Dennis, Massachusetts

I bought your Icespikes , why not they were inexpensive and i like running outside not on a treadmill. WOW! Best money I have ever spent . I ran 7 miles in ice, snow, packed snow ,slush and mud . I didn't slip once and I hardly knew I had them in my shoes . They even gave me better traction on the few spots of dry dirt I came across. I love these things, easy to install, they don't fall out and great traction. Everyone should get these, the elderly, ice-fishers, hunters, anyone who walks out to their mailbox in the winter. You have a great product and I will continue to purchase. I’m telling all my friends and my fellow runners. Thanks, you gave me my winter runs back.

I saw your ad in the December 2010 edition of Runner's World, p116. A running friend brought it back for me to read after he did the NY marathon. I'm going to use the Icespikes in the Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland in October this year. I bought the second pair for my mum who will be supporting me. A while ago I sent an email to the manufacturers at spiky.com asking about their product and sizing for their strap on spikes and they never bothered to reply. So very different from my experience with you! There's not much snow in Australia so in winter in August I will spend a few days in the mountains here to try the Icespikes out. Can't wait to receive them, they look great and easy to use. Your video was very helpful.
Maybritt, Australia

I am making your name known in Slovenia, just this morning I sent the links to a friend of mine. I put your web site address in my FB page a while ago. Then we have a running forum (in Slovene it is called Tekaski forum), all the links have been put there too. Well, if I am satisfied with the product, why not. And guess what; we are getting snow tomorrow afternoon. And I have a week off work ahead of me, plenty of time to try them out. FOLLOWUP REVIEW: Believe it or not, but I got both packages today, one post stamp was dated December 7th and the other one December 17th. And I got to test them too. We went on a hike and I had absolutely no problems. What I like most about having them in my Salomon shoes is the security, not having to worry all the time where to put my feet, Thanks again for everything.
Polona Mlakar, Slovenia

I am a new runner and this will be my first winter running. I was researching products that would enable me to run outside on trail and snow/ice. I came across an article - http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-240-323--12421-0,00.html The first comment on the bottom of the article from Dr. Ron recommended your product. I then did a google search for reviews on Icespike, and read only good things about it. I am anxious to try them out, and have already told several of my runner friends about them.
Corinna, Michigan

My wife and I used Icespikes last year and they work great. We run with the Trailmonster trail running group in Maine. Running trails all winter requires a little extra help. we used to use sheet metal screws, which worked OK, but the Icespikes are much better. Everyone in our groups is at least aware of your product.
Rick, Maine

My friends and I do a lot of trail running all year round...so, winter running with the potential for ice made this an ideal product. I put some on my wife's running shoes and she loves them. I order 2 more sets for my other shoes. Also, a couple friends will also be ordering for their trail shoes.
Steve, Ohio

We saw you at the Expo at the Maine Marathon. We also bought a pair for my husband’s 90 year old grandmother!!! Genius!!!
Jamie, Maine

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