Who is Dr Ron?

Ronald Michalack, M.D, is Icespike’s trusted and expert Dr Ron. A graduate of University Of Illinois, Chicago IL (class of 1998), he served his internship and residency at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon NH. He is now an orthopedic surgeon at Monadnock Community Hospital. Ron is also a keen amateur triathlete and in 2012 completed an Ironman.

Dr Ron is the person to turn to on our Icespike blog when you need the answer to a health, medical or injury problem.

What kind of questions can you ask Dr Ron?

Dr Ron is happy to answer a wide range of health questions relating to running. For example, you could be a runner with a recurring Achilles tendon injury who wants some healing tips. Perhaps you need some advice about an unexplained pain in your hamstring when you run more than a few hours a week? Or you might be looking for information about younger runners or taking up running in your later years.

Whether you’re a newcomer to running or have been running most of your life, you’re welcome to send in your questions to Dr Ron.

How to ask your Dr Ron question

Simply send your question to dr.ron@icespike.com A selected question will be answered on our blog and the person submitting the question will receive a free set of Icespikes. So please do ask away.

More about Ronald Michalack

Ron’s surgery work is wide ranging, including joint replacements, arthroscopy, trauma and fractures, tendonitis surgery, instability reconstruction, nerve surgery and hand/wrist surgery.

He says: “Surgery is a major step in treating orthopaedic conditions and it should be taken seriously. I listen carefully to my patients and work closely with our medical team, to fully assess each patient’s condition and understand their unique needs. Whenever possible, less invasive means of treatment are considered and followed first.

“When surgery is necessary, I offer my patients a wide range of services from minimally invasive to highly complex reconstructive surgical procedures. Technical excellence, coupled with coordinated post-operative rehabilitation, allows our patients to recover faster and achieve optimal surgical outcomes.”

Finishing an Ironman

The Holy Grail of the triathlon world, it takes guts, determination and dedication to train for and finish and Ironman. And Ron had wanted to do an Ironman since he was at school. Aged 43 last year, he crossed the finish line of the gruelling Florida Ironman in Panama City Beach, Fla., in 15 hours, 44 minutes and 21 seconds.

He said: “The Ironman had been something in the back of my head for a long time. But to pull something like this off with a wife and kids, everyone has to be on board.” He trained solidly for a year and entered several shorter events in the run-up to the main goal.

Afterwards, he said: “It’s really the journey that counts. The accomplishment is not really the day. The accomplishment is the preparation and planning.”