Winter Golfer in the UK Uses and Loves Icespike!!!!

ICEBRIPPER is a Distributor of Icespike in the UK.

ICEGRIPPER Customer Story – Golf Wellies

One of the most rewarding things we do at ICEGRIPPER is talk with our customers about why they need our products and how they use them.


These ‘Customer Stories’ are sometimes heart-warming, occasionally funny, but always enlightening. They reveal that our products are often used in ways we didn’t expect them to be. Demonstrating inventiveness and the amazing way people think and work.


We publish the best of them on our blog and website and hope you find them interesting. Here’s Chris’ Customer Story…


Chris, Hemel Hempstead, Feb 2017

What was the problem you were trying to solve? “I’m a winter golfer and unlike the sunny images you see on TV of the Masters being played in exotic locations, we play in the rain and mud! For some years, I’ve been trying to buy a pair of Golf Wellies – Wellies with spikes, or studs, but nothing existed. The nearest thing was safety boots.”

ICESPIKE by ICEGRIPPERHow did you come across ICEGRIPPER and our products? “Recently I searched on Google and got a link to ICEGRIPPER and thought there were some products I might be able to use.”

What product did you choose and how did you apply or use the chosen product? “I thought it would be worth trying the ICESPIKE. So, I ordered them and fitted them in to my own Wellies.”

What benefit did it provide to the situation? “Fantastic! Since fitting ICESPIKE to my wellies I’ve played golf in slushy deep mud and packed ice with a firm grip at all times. No slipping, dry feet and clean trousers at the end! ICESPIKE from ICEGRIPPER has provided a cost effective, long term solution and highly recommended. I’ve ordered another set to put into my comfortable trainers for summer golfing. Best wishes and thanks for a great product, Chris.”

Chris has received a free set of ICESPIKE for sharing his wonderful story. Have you got a ‘Customer Story’, you’d like to share with us?

Walk, work, run and play on winter ice and snow with ICESPIKE

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