Icespikes work their magic on African mountains

   Adventurer and writer, Peter Carey, takes his new Icespikes to East Africa to climb two of the continent’s highest mountains. He writes: I was recently in East Africa, where I successfully climber Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Kilimanjaro gets all the attention and lots of climbers, but I found Mt. Kenya to be equally beautiful, […]

Ron loves his Icespike-equipped shoes

Ron shared with us on Facebook: More ice than snow this season. My IceSpikes and GoLite Footwear Taralites make for a solid combo. Thanks!

Cross Training Tips from Dane Rauschenberg

Please meet one of the most experienced runners around- Dane Rauschenberg! Dane Rauschenberg made his mark on the running world as the man who ran 52 marathons in 52 consecutive weekends. As an extreme athlete who has also run a 202-mile relay solo and completed a 350-mile run up the coast of Oregon, he doesn’t […]


We are happy to join Ever Run Racing endurance events on the western slope of beautiful Colorado! They have a vast range of race distances from the marathon up to 100 miles. All of their courses are Icespike friendly for that extra edge of confidence when trekking over the majestic mountains. They include the Colorado […]

Age-graded racing doesn’t make you faster!

Dane Rauschenberg writes about age-adjusted running. For those who do not know, age-graded events stem from the undeniable fact that both men and women lose strength and slow down with age. Some 10 years ago, it was decided that the Master’s category would be age adjusted such that performances could be equally rated whether runners 40, […]

Michele Yates gets set for USA 50-mile champs

Our new contributor Michele Yates is preparing for the USA 50-mile trail champs, which take place this weekend. She writes: Wow, the trail champs have come around really quickly. The Tejas Trails organization will be hosting this event once again, down in Texas at Camp Eagle. The course will be similar to Bandera and this race […]