Cross Training Tips from Dane Rauschenberg

Please meet one of the most experienced runners around- Dane Rauschenberg! Dane Rauschenberg made his mark on the running world as the man who ran 52 marathons in 52 consecutive weekends. As an extreme athlete who has also run a 202-mile relay solo and completed a 350-mile run up the coast of Oregon, he doesn’t […]

Age-graded racing doesn’t make you faster!

Dane Rauschenberg writes about age-adjusted running. For those who do not know, age-graded events stem from the undeniable fact that both men and women lose strength and slow down with age. Some 10 years ago, it was decided that the Master’s category would be age adjusted such that performances could be equally rated whether runners 40, […]

Why are we talking about the ‘purity’ of ultrarunning?

Dane Rauschenberg turns his thought to ultrarunning, “purity” and the Olympics. He writes: There is no purity in running. But why am I writing about running and purity? Last July, I asked whether an ultra running event could ever be part of the Olympics. What I heard back from most people was that ultras, as a […]

Don’t call me crazy

Nope, I am not crazy. I know it is meant as a compliment. I really do. And 99% of the time I take it as such. But recently when I have heard it, it began to irk me. Let me explain. It first started when I ran 52 Marathons in one year. It progressed when […]

Dane Rauschenberg to Run The Sandbox Indoor Trail Marathon

This Sunday, February 13, IceSpike friend and contributor, Dane Rauschenberg will be running in an extremely unique event: The Sandbox Indoor Trail Marathon. According to the Sandbox Marathon website, “The Sandbox Arena is a unique a facility in the United States for motorcycling and now for a running event. The performance arena is approximately 350 […]

How To Keep Running When the Temperatures Drop

Runners need to know what to do when the snowpocalypse of the century is threatening and the motivation gets low to run. Here are few tips to get through the months with the emphasis on the BRRRR at the end.