Age-graded racing doesn’t make you faster!

Dane Rauschenberg writes about age-adjusted running. For those who do not know, age-graded events stem from the undeniable fact that both men and women lose strength and slow down with age. Some 10 years ago, it was decided that the Master’s category would be age adjusted such that performances could be equally rated whether runners 40, […]

Michele Yates gets set for USA 50-mile champs

Our new contributor Michele Yates is preparing for the USA 50-mile trail champs, which take place this weekend. She writes: Wow, the trail champs have come around really quickly. The Tejas Trails organization will be hosting this event once again, down in Texas at Camp Eagle. The course will be similar to Bandera and this race […]

Icespikes review: Mountain runner Michele Suszek Yates

Michele Suszek Yates is member of the 2011 US Mountain Running Team and 2012 US NACAC Mountain Running Team. She is one of our bloggers, too, and we have recently heard from Michele in a blog. Here’s what she has to say about her Icespikes: The thing I like most about Icespike is the natural […]

Why are we talking about the ‘purity’ of ultrarunning?

Dane Rauschenberg turns his thought to ultrarunning, “purity” and the Olympics. He writes: There is no purity in running. But why am I writing about running and purity? Last July, I asked whether an ultra running event could ever be part of the Olympics. What I heard back from most people was that ultras, as a […]

Colorado snow and my Icespikes

Snow arrived with Nancy Hobbs this week in her hometown of Colorado Springs, giving her the perfect opportunity to pull on her winter running gear. She writes: With temps in the 20s and fresh snow – some two inches or so – I pulled out my Saucony runners with their set of Icespikes already inserted. I […]

Infamous Incline is opened to the public

Our contributor Nancy Hobbs write: Earlier this month, a soft launch saw the infamous Incline trail in Manitou Springs, Colorado, “legalised” and opened to the public. The Manitou Springs City Council gave the final approval for opening the popular trail, finally ending the no-trespassing law.  An official launch will take place next month (March 2013). […]